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The Great Room, Loft and Second Floor Project

Per my request and specifications, the Great Room and the rest of the second floor of the house were not completely finished by the builder. The electric, insulation, drywall and air conditioning were done and the plumbing was stubbed in, but I decided to save quite a bit of money (at least $30K) by finishing these rooms myself. The finishing touches of paint, flooring/carpeting, doors, trim and fixtures would be left to me. I am somewhat the "handy man". I *like* the satisfaction of completing projects.

I had the air conditioning installed first. The house is set up for 3 seperate systems. The HVAC company that I hired to install the system for the Great Room actually installed and ducted a system that was capable of handling both of the remaining zones. I may or may not stick with this configuration. I may end up rerouting this system to additional ducts that handle only the Great room and Loft. And then I'll add a 3rd system to handle the 2 upstairs bedrooms and their shared bathroom.


The following list, in a particular order, is a list of the projects which Tracey and I completed over time:

  • Banister around loft
  • Great room ceiling fans
  • Curtain rods
  • Curtains
  • Stair rails
  • all other ceiling light fixtures
  • Doors upstairs (including hardware)
  • Window sills
  • Toilet
  • Sink, mirror, lights
  • Shower/Bath
  • Baseboards of second floor
  • Door casings
  • Move upstairs "stuff" downstairs
  • Carpeting
  • Linoleum
  • Second floor bedroom ceiling fans
  • Move upstairs "stuff" back upstairs
  • Add downstairs "stuff" (Furniture and new BIG TV!)
  • Move downstairs "stuff" upstairs (clearing out the great room)
  • Color-stain concrete of great room? Nope. Decided on Silver Blue Slate! This was installed 01/22/07!
  • Move downstairs "stuff" back downstairs
  • The following list, in a particular order, is a list of the projects which Tracey and I still need to complete:

  • Baseboards in great room
  • Finish out entertainment center
  • Quarter round along base of patio doors? Not sure...
  • Wet bar at pass-through window to kitchen