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The House



House Pictures

 I took some of these pictures with my old Sony TRV330 DV (digital camcorder). It had a small, removable memory stick that allowed the camera to function as a digital still camera, saving about 40 shots. These are not high quality digital stills, but they worked fine for web presentation. BTW - in the Fall of 2006, that old camera died...failing to eject a tape while in the airport on our way to the annual Tucson MTB vacation at the parents house. It has since been replaced with a Sony DCR HC42.



  Approaching from the driveway:




This is the back of the house. It's a single, GREAT room, 22 foot high ceiling, 8 sliding patio doors,

4 high windows, a loft and a big, fake fireplace that is actually a recess for the entertainment center.


This is a picture of the house taken from the property line. What? You don't see it? Look closely. The

roof is visible just above the tree line, very near the center of the picture.